Workshop on “The Economic Partnership Agreement between the Southern African and Mozambique Customs Union (SACUM) and the United Kingdom”

From 15 to 17 March 2022, the United Kingdom embassy in Mozambique (FCDO) and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Mozambique (MIC) organized training and dissemination sessions on the economic partnership agreement between the SACU + Mozambique countries , on the other hand, and the United Kingdom, on the other hand.

The specific objectives were to support public and private entities to (1) improve understanding of the official processes involved in the import and export of goods to the UK, by the private sector, and (2) develop commercial data and information collection skills, including training on the key provisions of the agreement (including rules of origin, SPS requirements and safeguards) and measures to identify tariff preferences applied to UK market access.

All sessions were facilitated by the SETA team, composed of: Samuel Zita (Managing Partner), Ermínio Jocitala (Partner) and Mateus Chale (Associate Consultant).